Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Point Noir Experiment

Ahh! The splendid aroma of a freshly opened bottle of Pinot Noir. The flavor almost arrives on my taste buds before I even begin to swirl an ounce in my Dionysus Pinot Noir wine glass. But wait, I recently came across an older bottle of the same Pinot Noir, a French blend by the name Sierra Madre Vineyard 2008 Made by Steve Rasmussen, formerly of ITALY. Four years old and the aroma of the forest floor still permeates my nasal passages like a breath of fresh spring air. I decided to taste the more recent year of 2010 and compare it to each other. I also had my Fiance, Lisa, join me in this experiment. I poured both into identical decanters and let them rest about seven and a half hours before the experiment. I also re corked the remaining Point Noir and placed it on my wine rack. When we returned from a lovely supper with some friends of ours, we continued with the experiment. I asked Lisa to pour us both a glass as I proceeded to individually pop the corks and again savor the wonderful aroma from the blend of black cherry and wild berry fruit. She also shared in the pleasant forest floor aroma from the freshly splashed corks and concluded the same result as my self!

The aroma seemed very much the same and really seemed as if it were the exact same bottle. But then I swirled my glass, as did Lisa, and we proceeded in an elegant tasting of the 2008 bottle. As we finished the first glass I noticed the aroma seemed almost lost in the sweet fruity flavor from the cherry. I said you know some how it smells just a bit better than the taste. Lisa did not agree she remarked that the flavor was much more delicious than the smell.

Well, every one’s taste buds and noses are just a bit different so I said lets proceed to the tasting of the 2010 bottle. Now on this we agreed. The aroma was indeed better than the taste, although the taste was also very pleasing. Lets continue this experiment tomorrow evening she suggested and so we finished and decided to call it a night.

The next day we were both on separate lunching dates, as I ate alone in my den and she went shopping with friends. It is well known that food is complimented by the right wine and I believe the same is also true in reverse, that food can also enhance the flavors of a fine wine. When we settled in for the evening and I had taken the liberty of pouring the remainder of both bottles into separate and yet identical decanters about seven hours ago. We used our
Dionysus Pinot

glasses the same as the night before. We also proceeded to savor the aroma of both corks and agreed that the smell was much if not exactly the same as it was yesterday. As we swirled our first glass from the 2008 Pinot Noir I asked her what she had eaten with her friends and she replied that they had soup and salads. I had some left over lasagna I found in our Refrigerator which always seems to taste a little better as leftovers than it does when it is fresh. I'm not sure why but it always has. This was no exception, the lasagna was delicious. Lisa remarked that their salads and soup was marvelous as well. I proceeded to experience the same result as I did yesterday the smell seemed better than the taste with the 2008. Lisa said she agreed the aroma was stronger not better! But stronger than the flavor. I agreed and so we proceeded to experiment with the 2010 and oddly enough we concluded that the aroma was stronger than the taste. In fact we could hardly tell the difference. Perhaps it had something to do with the aeration and that surprisingly, the year was undeniably not at all an impact on the actual quality of the vintage. This came as quite a surprise! If you have any idea why, your comments would be appreciated.

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