Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Home Brew Recipe

OK so here is my home brew recipe. Well it changes just a little every time as I am still perfecting the flavor and strength. So I would be better to say this is the latest recipe for my home brew.
     I start by making sure my carboy is clean and free of debris, then I pour one cup of sugar into the carboy. Follow the sugar with four quarts of warm water. Stir the mixture until the sugar is dissolved.

    Now comes the fun stuff! Or should I say the messy part. Well any way the next step I use a pan big enough to boil two quarts water and one cup barley and one cup wheat, a two quart pan works well. Boil the mixture until the wheat has puffed up. Once the wheat has puffed I put a good fitting lid on the pan that seals well. Let the mixture steep until the lid comes off without forcing it, or when the mixture has cooled to about 120 degrees.

    Strain the mixture using a colander or I like to use a wire stainer. Drain in to another pan for a second boiling. In this pan I add one cup sugar, two tablespoons malt and one tablespoon Hops. Boil the mixture until all the ingredients are mixed well.

   Now I have one and a half quarts of syrup waiting in a larger pan. I pour the boiled mix into the syrup and stir until fully blended together. At this point it is critical to let the mix cool to about 120 degrees once again. Now that the mix is cooled to the touch it is ready to be poured into the carboy. But wait first funnel one and a half tablespoons yeast into the carboy. Now I pour the boiled mix into the carboy
and seal the top off with an air lock. The brewing mixture I now have is referred to as the wort. So now here comes one of the most difficult parts to the process! I put the carboy in a quiet cool place out of the sun. I actually use my office because the temperature is always on the cooler side 60 to 65 degrees. Now the harder part I wait five days or until the bubbles have almost stopped.

     OK so now five days have passed and I usually ask some one to help me with this next part. You think the first part was messy. This is real messy, and I still haven’t done this even with help, with out making a mess. I set the carboy up high enough to set up a siphoning system. I use a one half inch plastic hose around five foot long. I put a two foot one quarter inch metal rod in one end of the hose and let one half inch hang out the end. I put this end in the carboy and have someone hold it firmly in place so as not to stir the wort. This is actually one of my favorite parts, I set out ten two liter bottles and put one and one half tablespoons sugar in each bottle. Then I run some warm water and pour about one cup in each bottle shaking each one to resolve the sugar. Once this is done I am ready to begin siphoning two and three quarters cup wort in to a measuring cup and then pouring it into each bottle. Fill the bottles one finger from the top cap and place in a cool dark place. The temperature should be around sixty five degrees. Leave the bottles to ferment for two more weeks and we are ready to start enjoying some
Wild Beer Hikup Home Brew Lager. That’s the name I came up with and made labels for although just like the lager its self the name may take a little tweaking.

Well I hope if you try this recipe that all goes well! Remember its really pretty hard to do it wrong, so feel free to experiment with different grains and sugars,. Even different yeast can make a huge difference, just have fun and drink responsibly. I'm going to kick back and enjoy a frosted
stein from Goblets and More.

This was one of the first attempts at my home brew and now updated to my 2013 recipe "Wild Beer Hiccup's Brewing Recipe" by clicking the link

" New Brew Post"

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