Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wine Rack in the Amana Colonies

    This wine rack was upstairs at the Ackerman's Winery in the Amana Colonies. They also have a wonderful collection of homemade wines for which they have won many awards. Something else that was very neat, was the Blues Brothers statues. Elwood is in the downstairs museum and Jake on the main floor. They have a lot of gift ideas including wine glasses, wine and cheese. All kinds of unusual things. Check that frog on the right side of the wine rack, he is about knee high and is also for sale. There are just all kinds of things, I doubt you would find any where else.

  Elwood is in the basement guarding some kegs of wine in the picture below. Empty I think? There's only a window to view and separate the viewers and the camera from Elwood as he is seen frozen in motion, holding a bunch of grapes in his right hand.
JAKE is ON the MAIN FLOOR - I didn't get a picture of the statue that is there.

If you come to Iowa the Amana Colonies has alot of unique wine shops. The Ackerman's Winery is just one of them. You will also find some very unique restaurants like "The Ox Yoke Inn" with traditional German plates including Chicken Schnitzel and Jäger Schnitzel. Another of my favorites is Kasseler Rippchen that's German for smoked pork chops and there's the Amana Ham. "YUMMY"! There's alot of gift shops that are also very unique and have neat things like wine glasses and beer steins. There is even a woolen mill and a blacksmith shop and several antique stores.

    There is not just winerys, there is also a beer brewery, "
The Millstream Brewery". Its great tasting beer and ale serves the beer drinkers taste buds well. All the winery's and the Millstream Brewery let you sample till you find just the right blend of brew. So I highly recommend taking a day to enjoy the Amana Colonies. There are also bed and breakfasts like Aaron's Cloister Haus that can be really fun to stay at. They also have the Amish feel to them with antiques and traditional food. Although there isn't much for the kids, it will bring the kid out in you.

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