Friday, November 4, 2011


   Cheers to the Thanksgiving season. I look back on all the wonders of Fall. All the beautiful colors and the smell of falling leaves in the air. Now that Halloween is behind us, what will we do with all this left over candy? Well, I need to hide most of it from Lisa or she'll eat it all and be mad at herself.

I like the holidays but some how it always leaves a kind of empty feeling in my soul. Because I'll miss Summer, for instance like the memories of our garden when it was just some little sprigs popping out of the ground. To when the tomatoes, squash and peppers all had to be gathered up and prepared for the chilly winter ahead, that's just peeking its wintry head around the corner.
   This wasn't our garden, ours was much better! This is from the House on the Rock in Wisconsin when we stopped there for the tour on our way north for Lisa’s Dirty Girl 5k in August. In fact those aren’t even tomatoes they're some kind of exotic plants in their green house when you first enter the House On the Rock.

We went north again in October to Ashland Wisconsin. Where Lisa ran a 13.2 mile half marathon. That's alot! Wore me out just watching.

      Then we went site seeing with her brother, Derek and his wife, Kim. Some of the sites were just absolutely breath taking like the picture below. That's Lisa on the right side on the board walk, enjoying the fresh air off the lake and an awesome view of Lake Superior.

    On the way back we stopped at a fun little road side wine and cheese shop.Where we got a bottle of cherry wine from Orchard County Winery. That’s Me in the picture to the right. Enjoying a yummy goblet of some of the semi dry cherry wine from Wisconsin. I'm in our back yard and it was a cool Saturday afternoon but the wine helped to keep me warm. MM Yummy that's good stuff. We should have gotten some Wisconsin cheese to go with the wine. Oh well, I’m sure we'll be going back again next year some time. So till next time, have a toast for the fall of 2011 and have a good turkey day.

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